UST Decommission

    • Remove & dispose 4 x 65,000Lt Underground Storage Tanks

    • Project Tasks

      • Excavate and remove overlying hardstand and soil to safely expose and remove UST, fuel pipework and infrastructure
      • Demolish and remove existing concrete footings and cathodic protection infrastructure
      • Soil sampling and laboratory analysis of UST, fuel infrastructure excavations and temporary stockpiles
      • Lift, load and transport UST, fuel pipework and cathodic protection to a certified landfill
      • Backfill and compaction of excavated areas using stockpiled and imported material

      Equipment and Personnel

      • 25 tonne excavator with rock breaker attachment
      • Large posi track
      • 60 tonne franna crane and dogman
      • Truck and dogs
      • Prime movers with low loader trailers
      • Environmental Scientist (SQP)
      • Project Manager
      • Site Foreman
      • Site Labourer

      Project Innovations

      • Excavated material used to backfill excavation areas to minimise quantity of material imported
      • Sourced imported material, crane operations and transport from local companies
      • Validation sampling and environmental reporting completed in-house
      • Certified QHSEMS implemented to ensure staff returned home safely

      Why Aussie Enviro

      • Our innovative business model combined into one integrated team experience, minimising the need to engage external consultants
      • Our team offered full service capabilities ensuring streamlined project results at all phases of the project and delivered in-house
      • Our experience and knowledge of the local area
  • Full capability for Specific Industry Services

    For projects that require specialised, industry experienced service contractors Aussie Enviro provides clients with smart, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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