Shooting Range Environmental Risk Management

    • Committed to providing a low cost, due diligence solution targeted to help gun clubs and shooting ranges manage or eliminate environmental risks

      Environmental management at shooting ranges is becoming a topical issue that needs to be addressed by shooting clubs and organisations worldwide. Legal, regulatory and public concerns about environmental issues at outdoor shooting ranges are being raised more frequently, and this trend will likely to continue. It is in the best interest of our Nation, State and Local entities to acknowledge the concerns about possible environmental issues at our ranges.

      The Solution:

    • 1. Identify potential risks at your site

    • 2. Focus on ‘potential’ risks, not on ‘perceived’ risks

    • 3. Provide options to manage or eliminate your risks

    • In order to reduce the potential environmental risks associated with clay shooting, it is recommended the member bodies and clubs adopt and practice the principles of Environmental Stewardship at their facilities.

      Environmental Stewardship refers to responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. Our qualified and experienced team will work with you to develop a strategy that reflects your commitment to protecting the environment, the wider community and the best interests of the member clubs.


    • 1. Minimise potential impacts on human health and the environment

    • 2. Protect groundwater, surface water, wetlands, wildlife, ecosystems, etc

    • 3. Protect the wider community by managing noise

    • 4. Prevent erosion, runoff, site contamination etc.

  • Shooting Range Environmental Risk Management capabilities

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