• Aussie Enviro are specialists in the remediation of contaminated soil and land. We provide professional remediation services on minor and major site remediation projects Australia wide in consultation with specialised environmental and oil and gas advisories.

    • Remediation Services

      Our specialised team work closely with our customers to ensure the remedial scope of work is identified, understood and implemented effectively.

      Our initial consultation will include:

      • Discuss the intended scope of work
      • Identify the objectives for performing the project
      • Perform a thorough onsite inspection
      • Implement sustainable practices aimed at reducing environmental impact
      • Implement safety control measures aimed at reducing risk
      • Identify timeframe required to complete the project
      • Consult with customer on project budgetary requirements
      • Implement cost saving initiatives where identified

    • Onsite treatment of contaminated soil and material to neutralise contamination

      Aussie Enviro have demonstrated experience in the onsite treatment of contaminated soil and material. Our experienced team approaches site remediation in consultation with qualified environmental and oil and gas advisories.

      With the versatility to treat soil on site in one simple process, Aussie Enviro’s dedicated team has the expertise and equipment to deliver successful remediation projects.

      Our company has purchased an attachment which allows us to adequately screen, aerate and crush the contaminated material and treat contaminated soil in a single process. Once the soil has been returned to its natural condition, the soil is reused during the backfill process.

      We are committed to implementing sustainable practices, adopting effective business management strategies that meet our customers’ requirements, whilst protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of all personnel.



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  • Full capability for Environmental Services

    For projects that require specialised environmental service contractors, environmental solutions, site remediation or site rehabilitation, Aussie Enviro provides clients with smart, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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