Pipeline Decommission

    • Experts in pipeline decommissioning in remote areas of Queensland

    • Primarily performed in the oil and gas industry, Aussie Enviro has the expertise available to decommission underground pipelines in accordance with stakeholder requirements.

      Our project execution methods include:

      • Excavation works to expose underground pipelines
      • Lifting, dragging and cutting pipework into manageable sections
      • Dewater pipework and dispose to approved waste facility
      • Load and transport pipework and site debris to approved waste facility
      • Remediate pipeline sites to a stable and non-polluting state in compliance with intended post-closure land use

      All necessary paperwork, training and equipment is provided to the client, with clear channels of communication being maintained at all times.


  • Full capability for Specific Industry Services

    For projects that require specialised, industry experienced service contractors Aussie Enviro provides clients with smart, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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