Emergency Environmental Clean Up

    • With a fleet at the ready, Aussie Enviro has the ability to respond to emergency environmental incidents quickly and effectively

    • Aussie Enviro has over 15 years’ experience in responding to emergency environmental incidents. Our experience includes:

      • Heavily contaminated oil spill sites
      • Recovery and disposal of debris from shoreline areas as a result of major flooding
      • Transformer oil spill clean-up
      • Damage to infrastructure as a result of major flooding

      We can rapidly assemble a team of experts and be onsite to assist our clients with the recovery efforts within a moments notice.

      Our services include:

      • Site visit to determine the nature and extent of the damage
      • Deploy equipment and resources to begin the recovery process
      • Implement sustainable and safety control measures aimed and reducing environmental impact and risk
      • Fluid flow of information between key team members to eliminate the potential for confusion
      • Management of staff, contractors and visitors on site
      • Detailed reporting including budgetary requirements, site progress and safety & environmental statistics

      We care about our clients. Our 1300 number is manned 24/7: If anything is wrong, we are ready to fix it fast!

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  • Full capability for Environmental Services

    For projects that require specialised environmental service contractors, environmental solutions, site remediation or site rehabilitation, Aussie Enviro provides clients with smart, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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