Environmental Services

    • Remediation

      Aussie Enviro are specialists in the remediation of contaminated soil and land. We provide professional remediation services on minor and major site remediation projects Australia wide in consultation with specialised…

    • Emergency Environmental Clean Up

      With a fleet at the ready, Aussie Enviro has the ability to respond to emergency environmental incidents quickly and effectivelyAussie Enviro has over 15 years’ experience in responding to emergency…

    • Rehabilitation

      The Aussie Enviro team delivers effective rehabilitation services both across Brisbane and Australia wide.Rehabilitation Services Site rehabilitation Well site rehabilitation Pond rehabilitation (including evaporation pond rehabilitation) Sites previously excavated are…

    • UST Decommission

      Remove & dispose 4 x 65,000Lt Underground Storage TanksProject Tasks Excavate and remove overlying hardstand and soil to safely expose and remove UST, fuel pipework and infrastructure Demolish and remove…

    • Riparian Area Restoration

      Aussie Enviro Excavations recognises the importance of erosion and sediment control in riparian conservation, and understand how to shape and strengthen the landscape whilst staying sympathetic to the natural flow…

    • Pipeline Decommission

      Experts in pipeline decommissioning in remote areas of QueenslandPrimarily performed in the oil and gas industry, Aussie Enviro has the expertise available to decommission underground pipelines in accordance with stakeholder…

    • Geotechnical Services

      Aussie Enviro performs geotechnical services for environmental and construction advisories regularly. We have demonstrated experience in performing detailed test pitting services on a number of minor and major projects Australia…

    • Sediment & Erosion Control

      Controlling site sediment, soil erosion and drainage to minimise environmental harm Sediment & Erosion Control Aussie Enviro operates with best practice in the controlling of sediment, soil erosion and site…

    • Soil Testing

      Field soil moisture and density testing carried out by Aussie Enviro’s experienced and qualified technicians.Soil Testing Services Designed to measure the moisture content and density of soils, soil testing using…

    • Providing full-service capability with smart, innovative and cost-effective solutions across all project phases


      Our innovative business model combines into one integrated team experience:

      • scientists, engineers, civil earthworks contractors
      • remediation contractors, land rehabilitation contractors and other specialised subcontractors
      • heavy plant and equipment with specialised operators

      Our team thoroughly assesses all project requirements and allocate the tasks appropriately. Clear channels of communication are maintained to ensure the requirements are being serviced with priority and to best practice.


    • Our full environmental service capabilities ensure streamlined project results as all phases of a project are delivered in house, allowing for a seamless transition from phase to phase until project completion.

      We have well established relationships with specialist environmental consultancies and regularly combine site investigation campaigns to provide more cost effective investigation programs with respect to soil, groundwater sampling, testing and analysis.

      Our business model comprises of a team that have vast experience in environmental contracting and services, with core skills and capabilities to deliver our clients projects.

      We believe that this model provides our client with cost and time efficient solutions as:

      • project management of all stages is centralised and delivered by one project manager, thus eliminating duplicate costs
      • the requirement for outsourcing consultants is removed, leading to less overheads and less delays
      • fluid flow of information and communications between key team members leads to rapid response and eliminates the potential for confusion
      • reduced reporting costs
      • no conflict of interest between the traditional ‘consulting’ and ‘contracting’ phases and people
      • one team, working together and always focusing on the ultimate required outcome.
  • Full capability for Environmental Services

    For projects that require specialised environmental service contractors, environmental solutions, site remediation or site rehabilitation, Aussie Enviro provides clients with smart, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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