Civil Earthworks

    • Civil Earthworks

    • Equipped with the latest technology and management systems, you can rest assured that our team will get the job done. Our civil earthworks services include:

      • Precision trenching for electrical and service applications for the oil, gas, civil and industrial sectors
      • A full range of site earthworks for accommodation camps, industrial and processing sites and pipeline civil works and lay down areas
      • Ponds and dams including construction, rehabilitation, decommissioning and product disposal
      • Bulk earthworks
      • Final trim
      • Rehabilitation and repair of civil infrastructure
      • Drill site preparation, test pitting and site rehabilitation;
      • Access ways
      • Site preparation including site cuts, material and waste disposal, delivery of gravels and land clearing
      • Drilling of post holes
      • Removal of trees, stumps and green waste
      • Other services as required by our customers
      • Backfill and compaction
      • Dust supression
      • Land clearing
      • Pipeline excavation and backfill
      • Other services as required by our clients
  • Full capability for Earthworks & Excavation Services

    For projects that require experienced Earthworks & Excavation service contractors Aussie Enviro provides clients with smart, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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