Pipeline Decommission

    • Removal of 180km of oil overflow pipe in South West Queensland

    • Scope of Work

      • Drag and cut pipeline into manageable sections
      • Dewater pipework and dispose to approved waste facility
      • Relocate and stack pipework ready for disposal
      • Load and transport pipework and site debris to approved waste facility
      • Remediate pipeline sites to a stable and non-polluting state in compliance with intended post-closure land use

      Equipment Used

      For the project Aussie Enviro acquired two specialised attachments:

      • Shears for the cutting of the pipeline, and a
      • Grapple for holding the pipe during shearing and loading onto the pipe trailer for relocation and recycling.

      Additional equipment used

      • 35 tonne excavator – fitted with shears
      • 20 tonne excavator – fitted with hydraulic grapple
      • 14 tonne excavator
      • Front end loader
      • Large posi track
      • Truck and quad dog
      • Mine specification water truck
      • Road trains and prime mover

      Project Innovations

      • Changed loading chains as original chains not rated or considered fit for task
      • Purchases grapple and shear attachments suitable to use on our large excavators to cut the pipeline
      • Used a posi track rather than loader in soft swamp sections of pipeline, on site with narrow gates and in hazardous areas