Landfarm Remediation

    • Since the commencement of our Pilot Trail Project in 2011, Aussie Enviro has developed a cost-effective, sustainable and natural approach to remediating hydrocarbon contamination soils.

    • Project Works


      One of the distinct developments in our approach to remediation is the use of a specialised screening bucket that allows us to treat material on-site. The bucket screens, crushes, pulverizes, aerates, blends, feeds and loads material to be more sustainable and therefore assisting the treatment process. We were the first suppliers in Australia to purchase this attachment.

      Once treated, the soil is re-used for beneficial purposes such as road base, bund construction, and lease pads. This process leads to a reduction in the volume of imported materials.

  • Ongoing Project Statistics

    Aussie Enviro has successfully remediated over 200,000 tonnes of contaminated material and counting. Our staff have worked over 25,000 man hours with zero lost time injuries. Extreme weather conditions introduced a number of additional risks to the project. To decrease the risk of heat stress illness, staff carefully monitor each other’s health, take regular rest breaks and keep up fluid intake.