Interceptor Pond Project

    • Aussie Enviro was engaged for the construction and the lining of an interceptor pond in regional Queensland.



    • Construction

      • Clear and grade entire area
      • Excavation for new interceptor pond
      • Excavation for road crossing for pond inlet pipes
      • Excavation for sinking concrete footings for supporting Victaulic line.
      • Trenching for new poly pipe

      Revision of the environmental and cultural heritage clearances and conditions.

      • Place and moisture condition and compact clay material to form new pond floor and walls. Clay shall be placed in layers not exceeding 200mm.
      • Trim the finished clay surface to the dimensions as shown on project drawings.
      • Undertake compaction testing and verify clay compaction levels.



    • Lining

      • Supply and install HDPE liner as per project specifications.
      • Lay the HDPE liner and weld the seams.
      • Anchor the liner in the prepared anchor trench. Place backfill material in 200 to 500 mm thick loose lifts and compact with a plate compactor.
      • Non-destructively test all seam welds over their full length.
    • Completed