Safety Management System

    • Aussie Enviro is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all persons involved in or affected by its operations.

      Aussie Enviro recognises the responsibilities and requirements placed upon it by work health and safety legislation and customer expectations, and complies with all applicable laws and requirements.

      Not only is Aussie Enviro committed to ensuring that all legislative and other requirements are met, we are also committed to maintaining a position of excellence through a systematic and preventative approach in handling workplace issues and attainment of company performance targets. As such Aussie Enviro has implemented an OHS management system that complies with ISO45001 standards.

      We will continue review and improve our health and safety management system and ensure the responsibilities for ensuring safe work practices is communicated to all workers throughout the organisation. Staff are encouraged to actively participate in and follow all procedures outlined in the safety management system.

    • We will strive to achieve our objectives

      • Making safety an integral part of our business activities
      • Continuing to review and improve our effective risk management program to identify and control hazards
      • Provide adequate and suitable resources to implement and maintain the safety management system
      • Ensure our work team is committed to our goals by providing adequate education, training and supervision
      • Maintain, monitor, review and improve the adequacy of our safety management system to ensure it remains effective
      • Implement and maintain a framework that ensures the systematic management of health and safety throughout the workplace including offices, sites and activities controlled by Aussie Enviro.