Environmental Management System

    • Aussie Enviro is committed to undertaking its work activities in an environmentally responsible manner and effectively managing any risks that may have an impact on the environment.

      We recognise and are committed to environmental management as an essential element of all aspects of our operations, and as such have implemented an environmental management system that complies with ISO14001.

      We are committed to ensuring that the environmental management system is continually monitored, reviewed and improved.

      Our staff are encouraged to actively participate in environmental matters and ensure policies are adhered to and followed at all times.

    • To meet this commitment,¬†Aussie Enviro intends to:

      • Aim to achieve zero incidents through identifying potential risks to the environment before commencing a job and by establishing a program of reporting environmental hazards
      • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and other requirements including customer and contractual¬†obligations
      • Ensure that environmental considerations form part of our business planning and decision making processes
      • Promote a culture of responsible environmental management to all parties including workers, customers and stakeholders
      • Continually review the adequacy of the environmental management system to ensure it remains effective
      • Ensure workers actively adhere to developed policies and procedures as well as report potential incidents, hazards or damaging issues