Aussie Enviro Excavations Pty Ltd Ground Floor
Unit 7, 41 Paringa Road
Murarrie QLD 4172

Scope of Work

Aussie Enviro was hired to undertake pipeline abandonment activities in a manner that meets our stakeholder’s expectations.

We managed a large scale pipeline abandonment through the removal of 180km of oil overflow pipe in south west Queensland.  Included in the project was the cutting of the pipeline into manageable sections using a 25 tonne excavator with grapple attachment and a 35 tonne excavator with shear attachment. After shearing the pipe it was loaded by large loader onto a prime mover with pipe trailer and removed from site to a storage facility for future recycling.  Additionally, a 14 tonne excavator, large posi track skid steer loader and body truck were used for final site clean-up and to return it to its useful state.

For the project Aussie Enviro acquired two specialised attachments:  Shears for the cutting of the pipeline and a grapple for holding the pipe during shearing and loading onto the pipe trailer for relocation and recycling.

Project Outcome

Aussie Enviro remediated 180km of pipeline and surrounding areas back to a safe, stable,  non-polluting natural state.

pipeline abandonment - cutting the pipe

pipeline abandonment - removing pipeline

pipeline abandonment - site clean up