Aussie Enviro Excavations Pty Ltd Ground Floor
Unit 7, 41 Paringa Road
Murarrie QLD 4172

Trucks for hire

Aussie Enviro runs its own trucks to service our sites. These trucks are used for transporting material, equipment and plant to and from our work sites.  Included in our trucking capacity are 10m tippers, truck and quad dog, tilt tray floats, prime mover with low loader trailer (11m quad with 3.5m wide spread) and water trucks.

15,000 litre mine specification water truck hire

Our handy 15,000 litre mine specification water truck is fitted with lay flat hoses, 360 degree water cannon (for those difficult to get to places), adjustable batter sprays, kerb cleaning sprays, high centre sprays, lower road sprays, roll-over protection (ROP) and fall-over protection (FOP).  Carrying recycled water the truck is perfect for site dust suppression or pavement / road cleaning, however it is also useful for landscaping purposes such as watering grasses and plants or filling dams.

Body truck / Tip truck hire

Designed to carry up to 10m3 of material our body trucks are fitted with retractable tarps, low and high sided bins, flashing lights, reversing beepers and the latest safety features. Our Trucks can carry all matter of site material from site refuse (such as concrete blocks / rocks, trees / shrubs, topsoil, clean fill, stumps) or site building materials (such as road base, sand and rock).


Aussie Enviro has three types of truck available for the transportation of our plant and equipment: a tilt tray; a beaver tail; and a prime mover with low loader trailer (a 11m quad with a 3.5m wide spread).

Specifications for our earthmoving plant and equipment can be found at THIS LINK.

All our earthmoving plant is available for hire within the Brisbane metropolitan area, across regional Queensland and nationwide.

For information on our earthmoving equipment rates in Brisbane or regional Queensland please contact our office on 1300 WE DIG IT (1300 93 344 48).

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